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Marina Joyce found safe after growing concerns of fans

It seems that overnight, popular fashion Youtuber Marina Joyce caused growing concern from fans, after her recent videos and behaviour make believe that Marina may be in danger.

On one particular video, many have claimed to have heard Marina whispering “help me” a few seconds in. Bruises on her back and arms are also visible during the video too. Also, the general behaviour of the video has seemed strange and odd to long-time fans. This has sparked a recent trend on Twitter, #savemarinajoyce.


Fans have had many conspiracies about this – the most popular being that Marina was abducted and forced to make the strange video.

Fans have also warned others not to attend her meet up in Bethnal Green, London, which had supposedly taken place earlier today. They’ve warned them that going to this meet up could be potentially dangerous.

And as bizarre stories and the internet go, someone even created a fake Twitter account, claiming to be Marina and that they had been abducted. There’s also a popular video of someone supposedly at the meet up, whispering frantically to watchers not to come there, and that it was all a set up.

However, both Marina and the Enfield Police have confirmed that Marina is safe and well.

Marina Tweet



Although fans are still concerned over her behaviour, it has been confirmed that Marina was not abducted, and is not in any serious danger.

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