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Mariah Carey to appear on Empire

Mariah Carey is to join names such as Chris Rock, Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz, on Fox’s incredibly popular TV show Empire.

After Mariah became the most recent member of a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Wednesday, Lee Daniels, the show’s creator, let slip that she will be featured in the show.


The Oscar-nominated director told Associated Press that ‘She is coming to Empire’ but did not go into details about how she would be incorporated into the programme.

Despite neither Daniels or Carey revealing any information about the collaboration, the network is scheduled to present its plans for Empire and other upcoming shows television critics’ panel on Thursday.

The news was received by cheering fans and many wondering how Mariah would interact with the show’s diva, Cookie.

The show follows a very powerful family within the Hip Hop business and is known for including real musicians and artists into the show for a realistic and entertaining edge.

Carey, 45, has worked with Daniels, 55, previously in films The Butler and Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire, earning Daniels two Academy Award nominations.

Season 2 of Empire starts on 23rd September on Fox, but the show is also available on E4.


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