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March on the Money Dodging Minister!

Yesterday saw the culminaion of national outrage translate into the people power whose birthcry it arose from. The unification of those unwilling to stand by and allow the corruption and stagnation of social divide poison this nation any further rose like a pheonix from democracy’s ashes! Hordes of disenchanted masses fell on Whitehall like hawks, after the governmental elite has misconstrued them as mere pigeons far too often! Sick to the back teeth that are no doubt being neglected as much as the health service dedicated to alleviating said ailments, protestors descended on Downing Street at the behest of one Facebook event that grew exponentially into the megaphone of the UK’s disenfranchised masses.

As evidence of David Cameron’s entanglement in his late father’s offshore fund, Blairmore reached the public’s awareness this week, it seemingly tipped the scales of tolerance that were weighted ever in favour of the rich overboard and unleashed the pent up fury of these overburdened peasants. Crowds gathered outside David Cameron’s ministerial residence of 10, Downing Street and outside the Grand Connaught Rooms, whilst the venue hosted the Tory Party’s Annual Spring Conference to voice their anger at what has increasingly grown obvious, a glaring chasm between haves and have-nots in “Great” Britain. The throng of the displeased comes a week before another Junior Doctor strike and at a time when Cameron’s popularity has dipped below Corbyn’s for the first time since the Opposition Leader’s tenure began. Faced with this growing gall from his public over what is deemed as injustice by many (the question of legality is irrelevant to most) coupled with a split debate regarding this country fate within the EU, Tory “Sleaze” of the 90s would seem like a godsend now to Big Dave!

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