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White tiger (Image by Anderson Mancini; Flickr)

Man killed by tiger in Georgia zoo escape

A white tiger has been shot by authorities on Wednesday after he killed one man and possibly injured another in Tbilisi, Georgia. The tiger was one of hundreds of zoo animals which had escaped captivity after a flood destroyed the cages.

The 43-year-old was attacked by the animal at his workplace in a warehouse, according to the Georgia Ministry of Internal Affairs. They also dismissed previous reports that a second man had been injured by the tiger.

The tiger was located by police and killed. According to one officer, the option of using a tranquiliser was impossible at the time. A second tiger however is still missing, alongside other dangerous animals. Accounts on sightings vary with rumours running high, but the missing animals are suspected to include at least one bear and a hyena.


President Irakli Garibashvili issued an apology for a statement made on Tuesday in which he had claimed that all wild cats had been contained. Many Georgians have voiced their frustration on social media, unsure whether it is safe for them to exit their homes.

A large relief effort is ongoing in the Tbilisi area to clear the wreckage of last week’s storm which killed at least 20 people, with many more homeless, and others still missing.


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