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Ambulances park near Herrengasse Graz, Austria (Image by ark2grz; Twitter)

Man drives SUV into shoppers killing 3 and injuring 50

A man has driven his SUV with over 60 mph into a busy street full of cafes and shops in the city of Graz, Austria, before getting out of his car and running after bystanders with a knife.

“He was purposefully trying to hit people with his car”, said mayor Siegfried Nagl, who personally witnessed the tragedy.

Police have so far not announced any detail on the number of victims run over or stabbed, but at least three people have been reported dead, including a 7-year-old child. The number of injured passers-by lies between 35 and 50, according to local media.


More than 60 ambulances and three helicopters arrived at the scene around lunchtime on Saturday, attending to the injured.

The 26-year-old male driver has been arrested. According to local news sources the man is assumed to have run amok due to psychological troubles.


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