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Make The Most Out Of Your Garden This Summer

Frosty winter days and damp Autumn air are no loving conditions for maintaining a show-stopping garden or even making the most out of the space, whether it’s large enough to fit ten people or three tightly packed garden chairs. Now that the sun has poked its nose out the window, there’s no better time to mow the grass, pluck a few wild weeds, and dust the shed. Take a look at these six ways to make the most out of your garden this summer.


Host A Garden/Tea Party


Garden/tea parties are great ways to gather a few friends around for a light lunch, chilled drinks, and plenty of laughs. For those event- planners out there, why not beautify your garden with summery décor and pretty bunting.

A Summer BBQ

You’ve probably had your fair share of BBQs so far this summer. It definitely won’t hurt to have another one. What’s summer without a BBQ? As the evening cools down you can retreat inside and play a chuckling game of charades. Summer at its finest.

Movie Night Under The Stars

Now, this is for you movie-lovers who can’t fathom the idea of going a day without watching a movie. How about grabbing a few friends or even the whole family and some comfy seats for a night of films. Projectors are great for this. Amazon sell projectors, with some under £50. Alternatively, use an extension cable to transfer you’re tv into the garden. Don’t forget the popcorn and ice-cream.

A Summery Flower Bed


Here’s an activity more on the quite side and for those who don’t yelp at the thought of ruining their clothes with soil. Daisies, sunflowers, or begonias could add extra summer beauty to your garden.

A Homely Camp-Fire


Okay, so this is not as cheesy as it sounds. Imagine gathering family and friends around a fire-pit to toast marshmallows and even whipping out a guitar, if that’s your thing. Once again, Amazon have a large selection of pit-fire bowls, or try Argos.

An Outdoor Open- mic

Get those brave enough to grace the garden stage singing a song or even reciting a bit of poetry. You could host a session in the your shed too. There might even be a Mariah Carey or an Ed Sheeran within the group!

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