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Maggi noodles ban challenged by Nestle India

Maggi instant noodles have been a popular product in India since their arrival in 1983.

However, following tests carried out by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India that found instant noodles “unsafe and hazardous”, a Mumabi court as imposed a ban upon Maggi noodles, a popular food in India owned by Nestle India.


Nestle has gone to the high court in pursuit of a judicial review, stating that the noodles are completely safe.

Maggi brand products have been removed from stores since last week as a result of higher-than-allowed levels of lead being found in some goods.

The withdrawal of products has continued this Thursday.

Paul Bulcke, global chief executive of Nestle has requested to see laboratory results and vowed to get Maggi products to stores soon.

By Hal Breen

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