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Madrid’s top 5 things to do!

A popular business district, Madrid enchants tourists from all over the world with its many cultural flavours. We give to you the top five things to do in this wonderful city.

  • Watch a football match 

The spirit of football runs in Madrid’s veins, they have Ronaldo’s antics to flaunt after all!

Home to the world’s most valuable club, this city’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium is the mecca for football fanatics all over the globe and watching an El Clasico match in this stadium is a dream come true for any Real Madridista. This being said, for all those non football crazy souls, watching any football match in my opinion is equally enjoyable. From the ever cheery crowd to thundering slogans and mexican waves going around, football fever does catch on eventually 🙂

  • Flamenco dance

A glorious art form, there is no better place to watch a flamenco performance than Madrid’s dinner shows coupled with some delectable tapas. The city spoils us with a variety of choices and we highly recommend tourists to revel in what will be a night to remember!

  • Bullfight, anyone?

PS : Not for the faint hearted.

Bullfighting is Spain’s most controversial and gory tradition till date. The city stands divided on this bloodied ‘sport’, understandably so. As a spectator, it was rather gruesome and uncomfortable to see a deranged bull provoked with a spear and knife repeatedly and the matador at loggerheads with each other resulting eventually in the beheading of the bull. However, just like any other art form, this sport as they call it is appreciated by many Spanish and definitely worth a go, if you are up for it only.

  • Art at its best

With a whopping 44 museums, Madrid’s art scene is at its bustling best all through the year. With the triad Hyssen-Bornemisza, Reina Sofía and Del Prado leading the art scene, one is overwhelmed with an impressive collection from Picasso to Salvadore Dali!  Definitely a must do for all art lovers.

  • Toledo for a day

About 30 minutes from busy Madrid, Toledo is a town worth visiting. Picturesque and walkable, a stroll around this UNESCO World Heritage site is refreshing. A hilly terrain, the Toledo cathedral is Spain’s finest and definitely deserves a visit.

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