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LSD: A medicinal drug for the future?

Recent studies have sought to investigate the medicinal advantages of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and have uncovered evidence of the drug as advantageous in the treatment of depression, addition, and schizophrenia amongst other mental illnesses.

Such studies continue the work began prior to the banning of LSD for recreational use in 1966 and medical use in 1973.

Studies conducted in Switzerland suggest that LSD could be used to alleviate anxiety.

A team led by David Nutt at Imperial College London have used modern brain scanners to observe the effects of LSD on 20 volunteers. “The therapeutic potential could emerge if we see changes in the brain which would rectify abnormalities, for instance in addiction, in depression,” he said. “It would give a rationale for resurrecting some of the old work that LSD was used for, particularly with addiction.”

The studies’ findings will be formally published in the autumn.

By Hal Breen

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