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Louis Vuitton Introduces First Perfume Collection In 70 Years

The brand famous for their couture accessories, Louis Vuitton, are releasing a new perfume collection this September for the first time in over 70 years. French actress Léa Seydoux will be the face of the parfum.

The French maison are releasing a brand new perfume line ‘Les Parfums Louis Vuitton’ which will include seven individual scents. (Pictured above, left.) The first time the brand has done so in 70 years. Each of the seven Les Parfums Louis Vuitton fragrances will be available in 200ml and 100ml editions, as well as collectively in a box of seven 10ml miniature sizes from September 1st, 2016.


The line was developed by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, perfumier in Louis Vuitton’s Les Fontaines Parfumées fragrance centre in Grasse with Marc Newson designing the perfume bottle’s black cap, engraved lettering, and clear glass vessel, which was inspired by a drop of water suspended. The brand’s issued mission statement alongside the new perfume line quoted:

Louis Vuitton made a company to accompany voyagers’ curiosity wherever they travelled. But sometimes you need only to close your eyes to be transported to the other side of your own world,” said the house in the collection’s mission statement. “Travel is not a destination. It’s a feeling. It’s a continuous movement that nourishes body and spirit. A vibration that makes your heart skip a beat. An everlasting imprint on the memory…Les Parfums Louis Vuitton describe a journey of the emotions.”



From Rose Des Vents to Turbulences and Dans La Peau to Mille Feux, these fragrances are going to take the luxury perfume wearer on a journey of the senses, according to LV that is, encapsulating the maison’s creative process within each bottle.

Taking over four years to complete, you can take a closer look at Les Parfums Louis Vuitton here.


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