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Lotto Delayed By Technical Glitch

The Lotto draw was delayed on Saturday evening due to a ‘technical issue’ with the lottery machine.

The draw, with a top prize of £13.1 million due to a triple-rollover, was due to be screened live at 7:30pm on BBC One, however had to be delayed by around an hour.
The draw was ordered not to proceed after the problem was reported by the drawmaster, however a spokeswoman from Camelot, the National Lottery operator, reported that the draw took place later in the presence of an independent adjudicator.
The winning numbers were 02, 03, 34, 43, 49, 50 with a bonus ball of 38.
As yet it appears that there are no winners of the jackpot, which will therefore rollover to Wednesday’s draw, making it a whopping £15.6 million.


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