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London’s Top 5 Burgers

Although eating healthy food has become a trend as of late, so has another type of food, which isn’t quite so healthy: burgers. The simple burger has been regenerated by many different restaurants, with brioche buns and gourmet fries replacing the old, slightly charred but much loved BBQ staple. With so many restaurants focusing burgers, there’s almost too much choice, so here’s a narrowed down list of 5 places to check out when all that will do is a delicious burger.

Shake Shack

A New York staple, one of two of Shake Shack’s UK outposts is based in Covent Garden. There’s a range of different types of burgers, catering to hot-dog lovers, vegetarians and even dogs. Grab a classic cheeseburger and fries along with their famous frozen custard; in a thick, creamy milkshake or as a ‘concrete’ – a glorified ice cream sundae. A little taste of New York City in the UK capital, Shake Shack is well worth a visit.

instagram - @dribsandnibs

instagram – @dribsandnibs

Dirty Burger

Dirty Burger has restaurants all across London, with a focus on London’s hipster filled East End. The menu is basic, with only a few burger options, but this way you know they’re all about flavour. Download the App and order your food on your phone. Not only will this save you time, but it will give you a chance to get rewards, which aren’t limited to free meals. Free food, what more could you want?




MeatLiquor is a burger chain with restaurants all across the UK and some international. It has an extensive menu, with many different types of beef and chicken burgers, as well as a large range of sides. As the name implies, MeatLiquor also offers a large variety of cocktails and drinks, including alcoholic milkshakes. It’s a great place to head for an evening out with friends; don’t forget to pay the £3 for a Photo Booth – preferably before food…



Honest Burgers

Honest Burgers, as stated in the name, is all about honest food. To the creators, this means fresh, natural, British produce. You can be sure, therefore, that honest burgers are sustainable as well as delicious. The menu contains all of the usual suspects, but does include a brunch menu, perfect for those Sunday mornings when only a fry up will do.



Patty and Bun

Patty and Bun has restaurants across the city, and is a chain that aims to deliver comfort food that is delicious and memorable. Each burger is a pun, showing this restaurant is all about good times. They even have their own food truck that cruises around.




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