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London tube not so looked after

If you live in London and if you are a commuter, you probably know that the London tube is the oldest tube line in Europe and another of its characteristic is probably that it is not the cleanest place to be in. Those reddish blueish chairs might appear to hide the bacteria very well. Who hasn’t seen a mouse popping out from the railways on a Monday morning on your way to work making you just want to rush back into bed? Well, at least I have.

A recent study has been undertaken in order to determine what is the most bacteria fuelled line and it might not come as a surprise that the Northern line comes first whether it takes you to High Barnet or Edgware so don’t try and think you’re safe. Spending 20 minutes on the latter is according to researchers the equivalent of smoking a cigarette (That could represent quite a fair amount of cigarettes to be smoked for North London residents).  The Central line does not only seem to feel like you’re in an oven, it comes second on the scale of the dirtiest tube lines.

I reckon after knowing this you should all ask TFL for a discount!

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