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Photo credit: Vogue

London Fashion Exhibitions Not To Miss This Year

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty raised the bar last year when it became the V&A’s most popular exhibition in history with almost half a million visitors. Not one to rest on its laurels, London is continuing to showcase the best of the fashion industry with numerous exhibitions this year. From Vogue to vulgarity, here’s the top five to add to your diary.

  • Vogue 100: A Century of Style

It’s been 100 years since it first launched in the UK and Vogue is celebrating its birthday in style. Held at the National Portrait Gallery, the photography exhibition showcases almost 300 prints that have graced the glossy pages over the last century. Though the images display stunning fashions, they serve to remind us that Vogue is much more than a fashion bible, but also a document of our evolving society.

National Portrait Gallery until May 22nd

Photo credit: Vogue

Vogue 100. Photo credit: Vogue

  • Counterculture Now

Another celebration will be taking place this year in the form of UTOPIA 2016, the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s famous text.  To portray the books expression of an alternative society, Somerset House looks to today’s counterculture to see how non-conformity is expressed now. Exhibiting installations, photographs and clothes, Counterculture Now will explore the history and politics behind alternative aesthetics.

Somerset House July 4th – August 29th

  • Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear

Underwear as outerwear and lingerie-inspired dressing has held an enduring appeal for decades – just look as this seasons current obsession with the slip dress. Undressed explores the rocky relationship with our intimates, featuring Kate Moss’s infamous silver sheer dress and Kim Kardashian’s waist trainer. The show reflects the changing ideals of the feminine body and will provide a very informative insight into what lies beneath.

V&A until March 12th 2017

The infamous slip dress. Photo credit: Marie Claire

The infamous slip dress. Photo credit: Marie Claire

  • Fashion Rules Restyled

Fashion Rules first graced Kensington Palace in 2013 in but has had a stylish update for this year featuring iconic dresses belonging to HRM The Queen, Princess Margaret and Diana Princess of Wales. The regal display will show how they conformed to the rules of royal dressing while also setting their own. The show exudes true glamour with its meticulous attention to detail; bespoke  crafted mannequins, accessories, sketches and magazine pages fill the rooms.

Kensington Palace until January 5th 2017

Fashion Rules Restyled. Photo credit: Canvas Studios

Fashion Rules Restyled. Photo credit: Canvas Studios

  • The Vulgar

An exhibition with a difference: rather than exploring the glitz and glamour, The Barbican will demonstrate the opposite – vulgarity and bad taste in fashion. The aim is to make its audience question what makes something so vulgar and why? The notion of taste is a topic that must be explored in depth to make sense of. The Vulgar will execute this works of literature, manuscripts, film, couture and high street fashion. No area will be left unexplored – a must see.

The Barbican 13th October – 5th February 2017

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