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Pharrell buys a $7 Million Mansion in Hollywood and it looks familiar…

Singer Pharrell Williams has just bought a steel and glass mansion in the Hollywood Hills for $7.14 million. Various sources have begun drawing similarities with this newly bought Pharrell’s property to the mansion that was introduced to us in the film Crazy Stupid Love, in which the actor Ryan Gosling takes Emma Stone home for the first time. Here are some images that ...

Britain set for a big heatwave

Britain’s weather is about to go head to head with the hot weather conditions in countries such as Turkey, Morocco, and Portugal. Weather Forecasters have revealed that rain and gale-force winds will give way to plenty of hot sunshine, with this week’s temperatures predicted to soar past 28C (82F). The Mediterranean style weather, which will begin this Wednesday, is completely ...

Brits believe in crazy myths about the weather

About a third of Brits have confessed to believing that it rains when cows lie down. Michael Fish, the BBC weather presenter, has revealed that approximately 79% of British people believe in weather myths. The 31% of people who took part in the survey informed that they genuinely thought when cows lie down it means it’s going to rain, although ...

‘Major milestone’ in cancer treatment

“In the 20 years that I’ve been in practice, I consider this a major milestone,” said Dr Julie Brahmer of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, leader of the study involving the cancer-treating drugs.

Following two unrelated clinical trials targeting separate cancers, drugs that “release the brakes” on the body’s immune system have been shown to increase the survival rate of patients with fatal cancers.

One of these trials comprised of 260 lung-cancer patients. The study showed those who were given nivolumab (an immune “checkpoint” inhibitor) lived on average 3.2 months longer than patients who received conventional chemotherapy.

This is further evidence to support a new form of tumour treatment based on immunotherapy.

“Patients who respond to immunotherapy tend to continue their responses for long durations,” said Dr Brahmer, suggesting that the benefits of nivolumab may be more long-term than the study shows.

In a different study focused on 945 patients with advanced melanoma, scientists


France to scrap supermarket waste

Aimed at reducing the 7.1 million tons of food that ends up in bins each year, the French parliament has legislated to require supermarkets to donate unsold food to charity.

The Paleo Diet: Should we look back to move forward?

“The paleo diet is the healthiest way you can eat because it is the ONLY nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic,” declares the website of Robb Wolf; a former biochemist and author of ‘The Paleo Diet’. Not only that, a quick scour of the internet finds claims of the diet brightening teeth, curing sinus ...

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