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Holiday houses: Which style will you choose?

Decorating season is in full swing. We have the ladders, hammers, nails, decorations, lights,extension cords, and plugs all ready for the big unveiling of our homes. It’s that time of year again, to truly show your personality through the outside decorating of your yard. Will you be elegant and fancy, fun and creative, tacky or lazy? Every year we drive ...

Ugly Christmas sweaters that win 2015

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a kind of self-deprecating joke recently and none sum up 2015 better than these ones: StarBucks sweater to go Cane of Thrones Ugly sister sweater Santa breaks the internet Donald Trump Feliz Santa head overkill Naughty christmas Hairy Christmas sweater

5 Low-Cost Luxury Gifts for Christmas

‘Tis the season where every living soul on planet Earth scrambles to get the bargain of the century. Frantic internet searches, window shopping until your legs give way, and close monitoring of price drops of items bookmarked on the laptop. Yes, we’ve all been there before.

Last-minute Holiday gift ideas

For the past few weeks, shops have been full of adorned trees, Christmas decorations and music playing everywhere, and many holiday deals that made people run around in search for the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Unfortunately, many of us still haven't finished (or even started!) Christmas shopping yet. With the 25th getting closer, the pressure to get the right presents grows, but there's still a bit of time to find something for everyone.

When doing your shopping, always keep in mind the style of the person you are buying the present for and what they like.

Here are some helpful ideas to get your family and friends sorted.

The most popular gift is indeed loungewear or sleepwear. Both men and women will appreciate, for example, a pair of satin pyjamas or comfortable slippers.Robes and socks don't have to be a boring present, but can be a good idea for even the most fashion-forward friend!


If you are planning to spend a bit more, watches or jewellery are great gifts.


This picture proves Putin is immortal

A series of photos have been circulating on the internet that ‘proves’ Russian president Vladimir Putin is immortal. Scroll down below for the photo. One image comes from 1920 during the Russian Civil war another from 1941 during the Second World War and a recent one from this year. It seems that Putin has been fighting a lot of wars,  not ...

Amazon tells customers to throw hoverboards away as they are deemed dangerous

Amazon have told customers who have brought hoverboards with unsafe plugs  to discard them as a watchdog has urged retailers to pull them from sale. Amazon has sent out an email, the first to customers who bought hoverboards with non-compliant UK plugs. The email reads: ‘We’ve received information that your order purchased through the website is unsafe for use as this ...

Pets from Santa Clause: Naughty or Nice choice?

It’s that time of the year again.  The Christmas lists are being written, stuffed into envelopes and mailed to Santa. Parents glance over the lists before mailing them to 1 Reindeer Lane, The North Pole. The children gleam in excitement as they await their new kitty, a puppy or a horse! Santa Clause holds your child on his lap and looks ...

How To Dress Stylish And Comfortable In Winter

With Winter around the corner, it’s time to bid farewell to the old season and transition our wardrobes. The word ‘Winter’ is mostly associated with snow, chilly temperatures, freezing winds, and it almost becomes a mission to find a way to stay warm when it’s cold outside. However, the fashion world makes the arrival of the cold season more enjoyable! ...

Australia have opened the first ever hangover clinic

With the festive season almost upon us, the awful hangovers that we get after the night before’s fun and games are already taking their toll. It seems a shame that no one has thought of the quickest and easiest way to beat them. Or, have they? What if your hangover from Hell could be gone in just half an hour, ...

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