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Holiday Deals

5 Best Travel Apps

Going on holiday should be relaxing, but often, the planning of a trip can detract from the relaxation. One way to ease the stress is to make use of the plethora of apps that can help you to tailor your trip with the cheapest and most efficient options available to you. Here are 5 great apps to help you plan ...

5 Low-Cost Luxury Gifts for Christmas

‘Tis the season where every living soul on planet Earth scrambles to get the bargain of the century. Frantic internet searches, window shopping until your legs give way, and close monitoring of price drops of items bookmarked on the laptop. Yes, we’ve all been there before.

Black Friday in the USA: shoppers beat each other to pulp over bargains

Shoppers  in the US brawled at a shopping mall in Louiseville, Kentucky, as hoards of people flocked to the shops to try and get their hands on the latest Black Friday bargains. A woman was pushed to the floor from the manic brawl between the two men, which saw them slapping, punching and tearing each others shirts. A police officer ...

Black Friday in the USA: Woman steals vegetable steamer from kid

In this #BlackFriday footage, captured at a US supermarket, a woman appears to pull a vegetable steamer straight from a child’s hands.

And when the child screams the mother gets involved with the women who shouts ‘Get off of me. Why are you being so aggressive? You’re scaring me.

The footage is believed to have originated from a store in Saginaw, Michigan – although many believe comedian Jimmy Kimmel is behind the video




Aldi make parody of John Lewis Christmas advert

Just like the space race, two rival factions are trying top launch men into space. Now its Aldi’s turn, which pokes fun at John Lewis’s sad Man on the Moon. The original: In the advert the old man points to one telescope and says: ‘I like this one’, as the John Lewis price of £109.95 appears next to it. He then ...

Black Friday Bargains of 2015

Ah, Black Friday is fast upon us. It’s easily the one day where literally anything and everything is up for grabs. People do not care for the welfare of others; if you’re in my way, I’m going to get you out of my way to get to what I want. That’s the Black Friday mentality. Doesn’t sound too great, does ...

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