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Gluten diet for weight loss: yay or nay to the grain

There are so many diets out there that it can get really tough for us humans pursing a simple wish of weight loss: “Just tell me how!!! I’ll do it all!” This is where self-assigned-dietitians and creators of loads of unhealthy and absolutely unrealistic diets come in – proposing us ‘a quick fix’ to our problems. But that quick fix ...

7 Do’s and Don’ts for weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, forget the word ‘diet’. Weight loss isn’t about speedy dieting, it’s about learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So here are some tips for you on how to get healthier and slimmer as summer comes to an end.  DO weigh yourself regularly Stepping on scales makes people more aware of their weight changes. This ...

Kickstart your day with 5 healthy breakfast ideas

Pre warning: if you’re a grab a banana and get out the door kinda person, this post probably isn’t for you.

‘5 best healthy snacks to aid weight loss’

When we're tired and hungry, we tend to eat whatever we see and usually it's quite unhealthy but it doesn't have to be so. Preparing your snacks in advance is extremely easy. Eating healthy snacks prevents you from overeating later in the day. So here are 5 best healthy snacks for you that will boost your metabolism.




Not only this snack is extremely filling, fast to make and low-calorie but it’s also full of fiber, which is an important part of healthy diet. Ana Mantica wrote for Eating Well: “Swapping refined grains for whole grains may help reduce total body fat and abdominal fat, according to new research in the Journal of Nutrition”.


Peanut Butter with No Added Sugar on whole grain crackers 


Peanut butter is full of protein, which your body can put towards building muscles. High lean body mass means your body burns more calories and your metabolism increases. Say 'yay' to this incredibly


5 “Healthy” foods that are actually bad for you

By Jeshoots via Pexel

  As soon as we hear the word “healthy”, we tend to go mental. “Smoothies are healthy? Give me 3”. Even extremely healthy food can be quite bad for you if it isn’t eaten in moderation. But how about the foods that are not actually that healthy but only advertised as such. So here is the list of 5 “healthy” ...

5 superfoods: should we rave or should we chase?

Superfoods or ‘functional foods’, as they’re frequently called in scientific literature, are supposedly super-concentrated and nutrient-rich foods on the planet. Here is a list of 5 raved superfoods, but are they actually good for you or is this a way in which health companies rip you off? Camu Berry Camu berry is the highest source of vitamin C on the ...

London: Free Boris Bike Hire This Weekend

The sun is going to be out this weekend in London, which means a hot and sticky tube to look forward to. Great. Have no fear, Santander Cycles – or as we know them, Boris Bikes – are free to use this weekend (13th-14th August). Of course, whenever something is free there are usually strings attached, so here’s the lowdown: ...

6 Unusual restaurants in Paris you must visit

If you are travelling in Paris, you may want to discover new and intriguing places to eat. French cuisine is not only frogs legs, snails, cheese and wine. Le Café des Chats If you love cats, you will enjoy having a brunch, lunch or dinner with your family or friends at Le Café des Chats. A dozen of cats are ...

5 DIY Skincare Tips & Tricks

Let’s face it, skincare can be expensive. Like, very expensive. With so many brands to choose from, each one as popular as the next, it’s difficult deciding on what to go for. You don’t want to spend loads on a skincare line that does nothing for you but, at the same time, high street brands just aren’t cutting it any ...

Revamp Your Social Habits for Your Most Memorable Summer Yet

As humans, we find comfort and safety in patterns, but those same routines that we stick to like lifeboats can quickly sink into dull and unmemorable waters of predicability. So easily, we fall into the same social activities over and over again. Exhausted from work and errands, we want our free time to be as simple and relaxing as possible, ...

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