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Food, Coffee and New York Fashion Week

February is a busy month, with celebrations like Pancake Day and Valentine’hs Day dominating social media. It’s also a busy month in the world of fashion, with designers presenting their Autumn/Winter 2016 collections in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Fashion week is pretty tough going, and requires a lot of sustenance. New York is where things kick off, so ...

Pancake Day done differently

Shrove Tuesday, the celebration preceding Lent, is all about one thing: Pancakes. Whether you’re religious or not, pancake day is a great way to indulge yourself before giving something up for Lent. Pancakes are on the menu in many different cafés, offering savoury and sweet versions to suit every taste. Here’s 5 alternative pancake recipes for when you want to ...

Top 5 Foods to Eat in February

January is done and dusted, and if your New Years Resolution of eating healthily has taken a little slump, February is the month to get back on the wagon. Although February is a month known for it’s notoriously bad weather and short days (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), it’s a great month for produce; with wonderful foods coming into ...

McDonald’s new mozzarella sticks misses crucial ingredient

McDonald’s new mozzarella sticks have angered quite a few customers who have taken to social media in protest.


Because they seem to be missing a fundamental ingredient.

The cheese.

McDonald's launched mozzarella sticks nationwide this month as part of a new "McPick 2" promotion, which allows customers to pick two of the following for $2: a McDouble, a McChicken, small fries, and mozzarella sticks.

They cost $1 for three sticks.

Where's the cheese?😳 @McDonalds maybe stick to burgers & fries. New mozzarella sticks were a let down. #disappointed

— Abbie Burke (@AbbieBurke21) January 20, 2016

@McDonalds I just bought your mozzarella sticks and not one of the three had cheese in the middle. This is pathetic.

— Nick Pierce (@piercenick5) January 10, 2016

Hey @McDonalds, thanks for these mozzarella sticks which happe


5 Foods to Eat on the Slopes

Ski holidays are the definition of treating yourself. In Europe, ski holidays should be a combination of good food, good wine and good times, and in a continent with such a varied food culture, its so easy to eat well on the slopes. Here’s 5 dishes you must try when visiting the European alps.

Girl fat shamed by McDonalds for ordering 6 burgers

A Mcdonald’s staff member fat shamed a 16 year old girl when she decided to order six cheeseburgers. Sabrina Hopkinson bought the burgers for herself and her four kids as a treat over the Christmas holidays, and not all for one person as the staff member may have thought. When her daughter, Corrina put in the order at the restaurant ...

Starbucks sell bagel balls, which are the doughnut holes Of bagels

A handful of Starbucks in New York tested demand for tiny cream cheese–stuffed bagel balls this summer and the response was overwhelming. The bite-size dough globes from Bantam Bagels have made their way into 515 stores in the city, as well as a some locations in Philadelphia and Indianapolis. The coffee chain’s food section make up 19% of sales. Bantam, started business in ...

Obese woman loses 16 stone and avoids death after dumping feeder boyfriend

Morbidly obese Patty Sanchez used to eat 13,000 calories a day when she was in a relationship with a ‘feeder’ boyfriend. The relationship and lifestyle was dangerous for her health as one point she wanted to be the largest woman in the world and felt the bigger she got the more she was loved. Ms Sanchez, 51, from Reno in Nevada, said: ‘I was ...

How to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that focuses on giving thanks. Dating back to the American Revolution, Thanksgiving is a uniquely American and Canadian tradition. Traditional food such as turkey and stuffing is served, whilst people give thanks for all that they have. Even if you’re not American or Canadian, the idea of giving thanks is still quite appealing. Here’s how ...

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