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London’s Best Bakeries

In recent years, London has come into the foreground of the foodie scene. Instagram worthy bakeries are popping up all over town, serving everything from French classics to trendy hybrid foods like the cronut. Here’s a pick of London’s 5 best bakeries to satisfy your sweet tooth.

5 superfoods: should we rave or should we chase?

Superfoods or ‘functional foods’, as they’re frequently called in scientific literature, are supposedly super-concentrated and nutrient-rich foods on the planet. Here is a list of 5 raved superfoods, but are they actually good for you or is this a way in which health companies rip you off? Camu Berry Camu berry is the highest source of vitamin C on the ...

6 Unusual restaurants in Paris you must visit

If you are travelling in Paris, you may want to discover new and intriguing places to eat. French cuisine is not only frogs legs, snails, cheese and wine. Le Café des Chats If you love cats, you will enjoy having a brunch, lunch or dinner with your family or friends at Le Café des Chats. A dozen of cats are ...

Make The Most Out Of Your Garden This Summer

Frosty winter days and damp Autumn air are no loving conditions for maintaining a show-stopping garden or even making the most out of the space, whether it’s large enough to fit ten people or three tightly packed garden chairs. Now that the sun has poked its nose out the window, there’s no better time to mow the grass, pluck a few wild weeds, and dust the shed. Take a look at these six ways to make the most out of your garden this summer.

Host A Garden/Tea Party

Garden/tea parties are great ways to gather a few friends around for a light lunch, chilled drinks, and plenty of laughs. For those event- planners out there, why not beautify your garden with summery décor and pretty bunting.

A Summer BBQ

You’ve probably had your fair share of BBQs so far this summer. It definitely won’t hurt to have another one. What’s summer without a BBQ? As the evening cools down you can retreat inside and play a chuckling game of charades. Summer at its finest.

Movie Nig


Healthy breakfast smoothies for ‘On the Go’.

Are you the type of person who rushes in the morning and struggles to make time for a healthy breakfast? Are you the type of person who begins to feel a little tired mid-morning around 11 am too? It’s true that eating breakfast adds between 10-15 minutes onto your morning routine, so as we appreciate this is added pressure…but how ...

Cape Town’s Best Breakfasts

Cape Town, South Africa, is a food lover’s dream city. With its mélange of cultures and people, there are so many options to choose from.

Clean Eating in the Capital: Healthy London

Nowadays, healthy eating is all the rage. Kale smoothies are the new Bloody Mary’s, and afternoon tea has been brushed aside en faveur of gluten free, vegan traybakes and cakes. Healthy eating, however, doesn’t mean missing out on flavour, and cities like London have witnessed a surge of ‘clean’ eating cafés and restaurants. Here’s a list of 4 places to check ...

10 tips to shape up for Summer!

It’s that time of year again when people are looking to shed pounds or just shape up in Summer. When you’re busy with studies, work and other commitments it can be hard to find anytime to dedicate to a gym routine. So, here are 10 tips I’d like to share with you to help you along in conjunction with your ...

London’s Top 5 Burgers

Although eating healthy food has become a trend as of late, so has another type of food, which isn’t quite so healthy: burgers. The simple burger has been regenerated by many different restaurants, with brioche buns and gourmet fries replacing the old, slightly charred but much loved BBQ staple. With so many restaurants focusing burgers, there’s almost too much choice, ...

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