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5 Things Book Lovers Can Relate To

For the completely uninterested, books are just pieces of paper bound together. Sometimes these books have lovely covers and he/she can at least appreciate it. Then, there’s the die-hard book lover who would cry buckets of tears if someone told them they could never read a book again. Or worse: their entire book collection disappears without a trace. Book lovers, ...

Halloween, Mexican Style: Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is a Mexican national celebration that falls in the same time period as Halloween. With it’s ubiquitous sugar skulls and floral headdresses, Dia de los Muertos is recognised worldwide, but what exactly is it?

Whistles Debuts Bridal Collection

After ASOS and H&M, another high-street retailer is venturing into bridal wear. Whistles is set to launch its very first bridal collection in February 2017. It will include dresses and jumpsuits in classic and modern silhouettes, made of beautiful fabrics such as lace and organza. The 7-piece line will be available both online and at the label’s flagship store in London, ...

What does The Outnet’s makeover have to offer?

Sister website launched in 2009 by the Net-a-Porter Group for shoppers wanting a more refined yet affordable option, The Outnet just got revamped. Taking in consideration the increasing popularity of online shopping and ever-changing trends, the website is hoping to target modern day fashion-loving customers . Keeping it classy yet following the latest shapes and fabrics, have an exclusive look below at what the modernised site has to offer.



If you opt for The Outnet as one of your new online shopping destination, you'll be guaranteed to find great value on their discounted offerings. While most of the products are still luxuriously priced, at this time of year you're in for great investment pieces from well-known designer brands, some of which are listed above. With their new ''reworked image'', The Outnet's team aimed to modernise their look by targeting this new generation of online, particularly mobile, customer while maintaining loyalty to its Net-a-Porter Group heritage. As Andr


SNAP, Crackle and Rock ‘n’ Role: Rockers sing BIG in aid for Special Needs and Parents

The current representational view of the world right now is pretty grim. From my recent experiences, most of what I’ve been reading/seeing contains violence, natural disaster and the political ‘satire’ that is happening in certain countries. Now, I know these are not the only things happening in the world during this present time, yet, it just feels like at times, ...

Wonder Woman at 75: The Face of Gender Equality

Throughout the years, there has been a number of discussions highlighting the idea that female characters are being under-presented in the comic industry. However, a lot has changed within our current society, we have a female prime-minister, a possible female president and females are getting more recognition in a number of sports such as football, rugby and the WWE. This ...

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking has become very successful over the last few years. People tend to believe in the theory that if you think and feel positive on a daily basis, your life will get better and miracles may happen. What about you? Do you believe in the law of attraction or do you think it’s absolute nonsense? ‘Imagine you have a ...

Muffins, Muffins and More Muffins

What’s not to love about muffins? They’re  absolutely delicious, fluffy, sweet and smell good. Muffins are even okay to have for breakfast with a nice warm drink. Have you ever tried warming a muffin in the microwave? Do it- I promise you that your taste-buds will be delighted. For muffin-lovers, here’re  5 different muffins sure to make your tummy rumble. ...

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