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‘Lemonade’ – the low-down on Beyoncés new album.

Queen B is BACK! That’s Beyoncé, the artist, to the unenlightened public. Beyoncé’s fan club aka her Beyhive, were out in force as the star released her latest album with 12 spectacular tracks.



Much like her last album in 2013, the self titled ‘Beyoncé’, the star has released ‘Lemonade’ (a visual album) with a full length feature video to accompany. It was divulged after an hour long special on HBO last Saturday night.


A day before Super Bowl 50 on February 6th of this year, Formation (a seen to be track off the new album) was released for the first time amid a mount of media hype. Of course, snippets from Beyoncé’s Instagram account, always add fuel. However, it did portray a more political stance than a personal one which has been noted throughout the remainder of the album, Lemonade. As it had been Black History Month, her fans and admirers had expected the other 11 tracks to take on the same approach but those who have accessed the album on Tidal, were pleasantly surprised. When it comes to songs like ‘Pray You Catch Me’ and ‘Sorry’, it can be speculated than the contents surround the alleged infidelity of Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z who hosted the new album on his founded music streaming service.

Beyoncé is definitely the woman conquering all on the music scene. Lemonade is her classic R&B style but it also has country music vibes synced in without the typical pop music instruments we usually expect from the Single Ladies singer. Whatever view fans may have on the fresh sound, she has executed this album so perfectly, just at the publicly admissible time with whoever else is hot on the market simultaneously. For example, The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar both feature on Lemonade along with Mr. Carter (Jay Z) himself. She surprisingly performed Formation at the Super Bowl but performed alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars too suggesting a Beyoncé that’s going back to her roots as an artist. Perhaps former alter ego Sasha Fierce expects and reveres the speculation that typically surrounds her music now. The singer still credits her work as Beyoncé Knowles Carter so therefore any news we expect to hear on her high profiled marriage, will continue on hold.

Lemonade is currently available to stream on Tidal but is expected to be released for sale across iTunes and other services after today and in the near future. Catch the trailer for Lemonade, featured on HBO, below.

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