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(Picture: Promobricks/Facebook)

Lego launches its first disabled minifig after petition

Campaigners petitioned for Lego to create mini figures that represent children with disabilities. They are now celebrating as this dream came true.

Lego released its first young disabled figure.

Promobricks, a fan blog shared pictures of the new upcoming set ‘fun in the park’ due for launch in June which features the boy in a wheelchair figure alongside a support dog.

While there has been previous wheelchair figures, this is the first to depict an everyday boy. Previous existing mini figs include professor Xavier and a Duplo figure from its Community People set which was criticised because the only wheel chair figure was an elderly man with carer.


(Picture: Lego)

(Picture: Lego)

Toy Like Me campaign, Londoner Rebecca Atkinson started a Change.org petition asking Lego to positively represent disability in its toys.

‘Think outside the brick box,’ she asked.

‘There are 150 million children with disabilities worldwide,’ she writes. ‘Yet these kids are arriving into a world where, even before they’ve left their mums’ laps, they’re excluded or misrepresented by the very industry that exists to create their entertainment, the objects that fuel their development, the starting blocks of life: Toys!

‘Please, Lego, put some wheelchair vroom vroom into the toy box and help generations of kids, (both with and without disabilities), grow up with a more positive attitude to human difference!’

Lego didn’t ignore the 20,000 people who signed that petition. Yesterday, Rebecca updated the Change.org page with a message that read: ‘Boom!!! We’ve got genuine tears of joy right now….Lego have just rocked our brick built world.’

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