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La Recyclerie, Paris – The Converted Station With a Community Vibe

A little bit further out (the northernmost point of the city) but definitely worth the trip, La Recyclerie is more than just your average bar. Housed in a refurbished nineteenth century train station, the restaurant/bar/workshop/community centre is a perpetual hive of activity, hosting everything from vintage clothes stalls to art exhibitions via charity events and activities designed with local kids in mind. The building itself is magnificent with its vaulted ceilings and vast restaurant windows overlooking the abandoned Petite Ceinture railway below, much of the charm of the original station having thankfully been retained by La Recyclerie’s whip-smart owners. Responsible for some of Paris’ most popular watering holes, the team behind this current incarnation of the former Gare d’Ornano have set their sights on creating something utterly original and at the same time trendier than a bus-full of Kardashians.


Restaurant | Steve Head 2015


Workshop | Steve Head 2015

From the in-house DIY workshop where locals are encouraged to bring anything in need of repair to the on-site urban farm, everything about La Recyclerie is done with the community and the environment in mind. The eggs, veg and herbs on your plate are as fresh as you could reasonably ask for and should your eyes prove bigger than your stomach you can hire a bike from the front desk to work off the excess pounds. The restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes from all over the world and for a measly twenty euros you can eat like royalty in the spacious confines of the extensive outside terrace that runs alongside the railway.


View Of Petite Ceinture | Steve Head 2015

Though the Recylerie is a fair metro ride from the habitual tourist haunts in the centre of the city it’s only a short walk down the hill from the Sacre-Coeur and sits right at the entrance to the largest antiques market in the world, the remarkable Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen. If you’re sick of screaming kids and selfie-stick dodging gauntlet runs around the capital’s usual suspects then La Recyclerie’s got you covered. With its chilled out vibe and cheap-for-Paris drinks, the little converted station at the end of the line is the closest you’ll get to calm the fun side of the Périphérique.


Getting There

Bus 85 or 56 (Porte de Clignancourt)

Nearest Metro: Porte de Clignancourt (Line 4)


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