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Kylie Minogue Welcomes Christmas In London Again

Kylie Minogue had already stated, after the release of her new album “Kylie Christmas” last November that “performing at the Royal Albert Hall will be a dream come true”. Well, her dream not only came true last Friday, but resulted to end up being an spectacular and amazing show, proving that Kylie Minogue really knows how to blow her audience away.

At first, knowing that “Kylie Christmas” is an album in which we’ll only find versions of famous and popular Christmas Carols, the audience had imagined that it would be a Christmas concert only. Actually, it was; but Minogue just wanted more. For one night, the Royal Albert Hall became a dance floor, in which Kylie and her dancers, with their Christmas-tree-shaped dresses, performed and dance to Kylie’s hits such as “All The Lovers”, “Celebration”, “Love At First Sight” or even her 1989 hit “Especially For You”.

Anyway, Minogue did not forget at any moment that this was a show to welcome Christmas. During the show, she had the chance to shine with the versions she included in her album, such as “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” or “Let It Snow”. All these songs can be found recorded in her album, and many were recorded in duets with other artists such as Iggy Pop, James Corden or Kylie’s sister, Dannii Minogue.


So this show seems to have erased some bad critics that appeared as the album was released. Some critics argued that “Kylie Christmas” did not show Minogue’s potential, and stated that her attempt to  modernise these carols wasn’t that necessary. But the show lived up to everyone’s expectations, so it seems that this presentation has been a true success. An unforgettable show which ended with two very special guests. Firstly, Chrissie Hynde, who came to sing with Kylie “2,000 Miles”, which resulted to be the biggest surprise of the night. And finally, the entrance of Kylie’s new boyfriend, actor Joshua Sasse, with a bouquet of roses was Kylie’s own surprise, which served to end an amazing and different show at the Royal Albert Hall.

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