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Kuwait observes day of mourning after mosque attack

Kuwait has spent Saturday in mourning after 27 people were killed during Friday prayers at a Shia mosque in the capital Kuwait City.

Affiliates of the Islamic State, or ISIS, claim to be behind the attack which killed 27 and wounded 227 worshippers.

A suicide bomber entered the Imam al-Sadiq mosque during prayer time as approximately 2000 people had been inside the mosque.


The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for similar attacks on Shia mosques carried out in neighbouring Saudi Arabia and Yemen. This is the largest attack Kuwait has experienced in years.

A mass funeral procession honoured the 27 dead on Saturday, with thousands of Shia and Sunni Kuwaitis accompanying the deceased to the nation’s Grand Mosque.

The Kuwaiti government called for national unity and solidarity. The two religious sects have generally lived in harmony within the country, but the attacks were meant to spread animosity, Reuters News Agency reports.

Several arrests have been made in connection with the attack, according to the interior ministry. Kuwait has also increased security for its oil and petroleum companies.

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