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Klitschko Fury: The build up

A little over 24 hours away from the biggest heavyweight fight of all time the build up has been impossible to ignore. The description of biggest is applied literally in terms of the size of the two protagonists participating and not the size or magnitude of the event. Although the largest heavyweight world champion ever was Nikolai Valuev who stood at over 7 feet tall, the combination of Klitschko at 6 feet 6 inches and Fury who claims to be 6 feet 9 has to be a record.

The event itself, obviously, pails in comparison to the epic days of a former era when the names of Ken Norton, George Foreman, Joe Frazier and of course Muhammad Ali would battle for supremacy. But credit must be given to Fury for renewing interest in a division whose decline has been well documented. After the David Haye fight who could honestly name any of Klitschko’s opponents or the result? The fact the sports pages are buzzing in the build up is mainly due to the giant from Manchester and his borderline crazy antics.

With regular outbursts on social media and during interviews combined with the famous Batman press conference stunt, Fury has been busy self-promoting. Whether the fight will be as entertaining as the last few months is doubtful. Klitschko who is excellent and methodical between the ropes yet is rarely exciting. But if Fury does what he has said and charges headlong at the huge Ukrainian it could be exciting while it lasts.


The fact that big Wlad is 64-3 with 54 ko’s and has not been defeated in over eleven years would suggest that Fury is very much up against the odds. Although he is Undefeated with 24 wins (18 ko’s) the calibre of opposition has not been any where near the level of the champion. That said he is an enormous man with a punchers chance so who knows? The fact that the worlds press are actually interested in a Klitschko fight means that Fury has already won.

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