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Killers Identified in San Bernardino Shooting- LATEST UPDATE

Police Chief Jarrod Burguan

The San Bernardino killers, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his wife of two years, Tashfeen Malik, 27, dropped off their six-month old daughter at a grandmother’s home before launching a deadly rampage at the Inland Regional Center where Fyed worked for five years.

Farook graduated from California State University with a degree in environmental health in 2009. He recently visited Saudi Arabia where he brought back a wife, Malik, whom he had met online, according the Los Angeles Times.  Farook was born in the United States and his parents are from Pakistan.  Malik is believed to be in the US with passport from Pakistan.

The killers returned to their home in Redlands briefly after gunning down 30 people, 14 of whom died. Police arrived at the home as the pair was leaving in a black SUV and shortly after that a gun battle ensued killing both terrorists.


Reports are now surfacing that the couple wore GoPro cameras during the rampage at the Inland Regional Facility. No reports yet on whether the footage from the cameras was uploaded to a computer at the couple’s home before they fled.

The black SUV used in the rampage and again later as the couple engaged police in gun fire contained two .223 caliber rifles and two Smith and Wesson semi-automatic handguns as well as a remote control toy which is said to have been rigged to detonate explosive material left at the Inland Regional Center.

Material found at the Inland Regional Center was confirmed as explosive material and was detonated by the bomb squad.

During the final gun battle the SUV was driven by Milik while Farook shot at police. A pipe stuffed with fabric was lobbed from the SUV but was not an explosive as originally assumed.

Some reports indicate that 2,000 9-millimeter rounds and 2,500 .223 rounds were found at the Redlands home Farook and Malik were renting.  Twelve pipe bombs were also found in the home along with many tools which could be used to construct IEDs, according to the LA Times.

No motive has been determined yet in the shooting. David Bowdich, assistant director to the FBI’s Los Angeles office said the bureau is looking at several possibilities and is not ruling out terrorism.

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