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Kids Fashion Tips

One of the best things about being a parent or having children in the family is to go shopping for the them. Who can resist an adorable little pair of jeans or a tiny pink skirt?

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Tumblr have lots of accounts about kids fashion and they keep us updated on what celebrity kids are wearing at the moment, making almost every parent crazy about a particular look. And so the search for the most stylish outfit starts, often changing the enjoyable moment to a stressful and tiring experience. But honestly, who would not love to see a little one dressed like a mini fashionista?

When shopping for children, there are just a few things to keep in mind.


A child will outgrow their clothes very fast and their wardrobe will always change over the years. If you are planning to save some money without giving up on style, one solution can be to look for second-hand stuff. It’s very easy to find something classic and vintage that it’s still on trend. Just go for the best quality. Children are always playing, running and rolling around; you don’t want to buy something that won’t last for even a day!

There are many shops and boutiques for babies, toddlers and older kids. Online shopping is also an option, but it’s always best to check the items before buying them. Each retailer carries different sizes and, as we know, every kid is different. It’s almost impossible that, for example, a jumper made for children from 4 to 5 years old will fit everyone in that age. So it’s always best to bring them with you when you can. It will be easier to pick the right size and fittings.

Last but not least, remember that kids have a mind of their own. Once they are old enough, they will tell you whether they like something or not. Always follow their style!

Check out these outfit ideas:












From an elegant/smart look for an event to something casual for a stroll in the city: Monsoon Jardin Green Dress £46 and Lawrence 4 Piece Suit £50, H&M Cotton Blouse and Puff Pants £14.99, Denim Shirt £7.99










For the active kids: Gap Kids Floral Zip Hoodie £19.95, Toggle Hoodie Vest £24.95, 1969 Coated Legging Jeans and 1969 Rip & Repair Slim Fit Jeans £19.95

GetAttachment (4) GetAttachment (5)






Looking for a new pair of shoes for the little ones? Grey is one of those colours that goes with everything! From left: DanceBrite Jnr Silver Leather £30, Day Hi GTX Inf Grey Leather £55, both from Clarks



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