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Just one fizzy drink a day can do this to your body

Do you drink fizzy drinks often? Just one sugary drink a day can lead to a host of health concerns scientists warn including  high levels of fat.

A six-year study found middle aged people who drank sugar-sweetened drinks put on 30% MORE visceral fat than those who didn’t have the drinks.

Those who drank a sugar-sweetened drink once a week were 8% likely to carry dangerous fat around the middle.

Visceral fat is found around the abdominal cavity which is around internal organs such as liver, pancreas and intestines.

It is thought to heighten heart disease and diabetes risk because of the way it impairs hormone function and insulin resistance.

The hormonal imbalance has the potential to increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Dr Caroline Fox, who made the study lead, said: “There is evidence linking sugar-sweetened beverages with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

“Our message to consumers is to follow the current dietary guidelines and to be mindful of how much sugar-sweetened beverages they drink.

“To policy makers, this study adds another piece of evidence to the growing body of research suggesting sugar-sweetened beverages may be harmful to our health.”

The study tracked 1,000 people with an average age of 45 over a course of six years, examining their sugary drink intake and calculating visceral fat using specialised X-rays machines.

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