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Joshua completes demolition job

Anthony Joshua settled one of the biggest scores in British Boxing by stopping Dillian Whyte in the seventh round in an explosive and surprisingly competitive show down. The war that occurred between the ropes at London’s 02 arena more than lived up to its tag line of “Bad Intentions.”

The match started in the usual Joshua fashion, a heavy freight train running through everything in its path, as Whyte was almost stopped in the first round. The man from Brixton more than proved his toughness by surviving the onslaught and making it to the end. After the bell sounded Joshua landed blows which prompted a ferocious response from Whyte who nearly punched referee Howard Foster in the process. Members of both fighters entourage then stormed the ring that almost prompted the disqualification of both combatants.

Once the pandemonium calmed the fight did continue. Howard Foster is a man whose career has been unfairly judged by his stoppage of the first Froch Groves fight. However last night he performed an excellent job, calling  time-out at the start of the second round grabbing the huge men and berating both of them making it absolutely clear that despite the muscles on show there was only one man calling the shots. Riot act read the second round started.


It continued in a similar way with hurtful blows bouncing of Whyte’s skull. At the point of looking vulnerable Whyte threw a left hook more in desperation than with precision that staggered the Olympic Gold medallist. The momentum had dramatically shifted, as solid right hands now rained down on Joshua and for the first time as a professional the big man looked seriously vulnerable. Second round done, Joshua was still standing his enormous quadriceps doing their job absorbing the punishment. Chin tested, it passed.

The fight continued with Joshua slowly exerting his influence despite sporadic moments of success for Whyte. This continued until the seventh round when a Joshua right hook smashed into Whyte’s temple scrambling his senses. He survived, only just, but the end was near. Flush right straights and left hooks relentlessly pummelled the brave warrior until a huge uppercut brutally floored Whyte leaving him a crumpled mess on the floor, one look was enough no count administered Foster rightly waved the contest off.

The fight was hugely entertaining and the fans more than got their moneys worth in comparison to the heavyweight showdown that occurred in Germany a couple of weeks ago. Compared to the winner of that fight, Tyson Fury, Joshua is probably twelve months away from him. His jab was none existent last night and that performance would not beat a slick mover like Fury. However it was a great night for British boxing last night and a fight that will be remembered but that said it should not have been pay-per-view!

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