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Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy: We’ve Been Thinking – New to Netflix review

This isn’t for me nor can I begin to relate to the way of thinking that you have to be in to find this funny. For a non-American they both, Larry though much more so, seem to be stereotypes of every red-neck blue-collar guy you see being made fun of on TV. Jeff Foxworthy’s comedy is more family friendly than Larry’s which consists of half fart-joke and half apologizing for the fart joke. They both have the every-man shtick down to an art: they know their audience and they’re giving it to them. The problem is that their audience finds jokes about women, ethnic minorities, and gay people funny. Which in itself isn’t a bad thing if they’re done right, but there’s this unsettling tone about otherness that they seem to cultivate. Larry for instance made a joke about one of his friends getting drunk in Las Vegas and sleeping with a transvestite, and yes they did use that term, and when waking up using the analogy of there being a curtain rod in the curtains as a term for the male genitalia. Insert trans panic pun here.

Larry represents a way of thinking that may as well come outer space as far as I’m concerned. Though it tries to hide it’s insensitivity through a sprinkling of self-deprecating humour it still comes through. I’m still getting over the time when he said mongoloid to describe someone and now I understand why I tended to avoid this type of comedy.

Jeff was better than Larry by the way… just if you wanted to know.


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