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J.K Rowling endorses the new Hermione

The choice for the role of Hermione in the upcoming theatre show “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is still regarded with so much controversy. But now, it seems that J.K Rowling’s showing up in Twitter, in order to support this decision, has been even more controversial than the decision itself.

Two days ago, everyone was shocked to have found out that the role for Hermione in this new play of “Harry Potter” had been given to a black woman, actress Noma Dumezweni. Rowling had previously taken part at the time to make the decision, but she has finally decided to break her silence, arguing that Noma has everything to portray Hermione. As she has stated in Twitter: “…brown eyes, frizzy hair and very clever. White skin was never specified”

Fans’ reactions have also appeared shortly after. Some have presented their own newly made fanart, in which Hermione is presented as a black woman. Meanwhile, others have decided to find a proof to deny Rowling’s argument. Actually, some did; finding a comment on Hermione’s skin in the third book of Harry Potter’s saga “The Prisoner of Azkaban” in which Rowling is said to have mentioned something about Hermione’s white skin.


Anyway, it seems that noting will change the newly selected cast for this new play that will be released in London next July. Dumezweni will play alongside actors Paul Thornley as Ron and Jamie Parker as Harry. We’ll be seeing a new episode of the life our favourite wizard, in which his youngest son, Albus, will be the protagonist.

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