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It’s Official, UFC 205 Is Looking To Produce The Most Lucrative Event In UFC History

Roll back a few months ago and UFC 200 looked to be the most exciting and anticipated event in the company’s history. However, after issues regarding Connor McGregor and Jon Jones failing a drug test, the most eagerly awaited event ended-up being a bit ‘lacklustre’. That said, it was still an enjoyable event and there were some exciting matches, yet, it could have been so much more. Now fast forward to the present and we have probably the best stacked card since UFC 100. There’s a bit of history being made here too; this will be the first UFC event being staged in the prestigious Madison Square Garden following the long-awaited legalisation of mixed martial arts in the state of New York.

This event is stacking up to be one of the promotions most well-rounded fight card in recent memory. We have three championship bouts- Eddie Alvarez vs. Connor McGregor, Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thomson and Joanna Jedrzejczyk v Karolina Kowalkiewicz. Then there’s a bunch of former champions- Miesha Tate, Chris Weidman, Frankie Edgar and Rashad Evans and if that isn’t enough there are other several top contenders as well- Donald Cerrone, Kelvin Gastelum, Tim Kennedy, Nurmagomedov, Michael Johnson and Jeremy Stephens.  So for any hardcores out there, this is the holy grail of events. The big seller comes with McGregor and Alvarez for the UFC lightweight championship. First of all, the Irishmen has become the ‘face’ of the UFC, gaining a HUGE fan base (personally I don’t like him) but it’s the match itself that provides something special. This match gives McGregor a shot in becoming the UFC’s first multi-division title-holder: Featherweight champion & Lightweight champion.

With this said, UFC 205 needs to be careful that it doesn’t fall in the same trap as UFC 200. A fight card with three championship bouts and one of the biggest line-ups ever- even the prelims are going to be epic, the UFC need to make sure that their eyes are not bigger than their belly. You can tell that the UFC want to roll out all of their big guns to make this event the most historic in their history and why not? But, with all of their organization going all-in on a card at the potential expense of others is a case of throwing all their eggs in one basket and if one of those eggs fall out, what are you going to replace it with?


Despite all these concerns, UFC should be able to set a new #1 for a live gate or money generated by the venue. Last night the press conference delivered enough entertainment and ‘The Notorious’ McGregor was in fine form throughout. Obviously it will struggle to match the McGregor – Diaz rivalry, but having champion v champion will be a big boost and with so many big names on the card, if all goes too plan, this can be the Super Bowl of the UFC.

UFC Press conference highlights 

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