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Investigation Continues in U.S. Terrorist Attack

The investigation continues into the radical Islamic killers who terrorized a holiday gathering at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California on December 2nd.

Bomb experts involved in the investigation reveal that several pipe bombs were in place and may have been set to detonate as first responders arrived at the scene of the massacre.

The bombs did not detonate and experts surmise the reasons may include the sprinkler system that was activated during the attack which doused the bombs. Another possible scenario is that the detonator was not set up correctly or was the wrong detonator.


Information gathered by investigators reveal that the terror duo participated in target practice in various locations in Los Angeles just days prior to the mass shooting, according to David Bowdich, FBI assistant director in charge of the Los Angeles Field Office.

Investigators looking into the Farook and Malik’s preparations for the attack indicate that a $28,500 deposit was made to Farook’s bank account on approximately Nov. 18, two weeks prior to the attack. On Nov. 20, Farook converted $10,000 to cash and withdrew the money at a Union Bank Branch in San Bernardino, Fox News reported. Farook appears to have made three transfers of $5,000 to his mother just prior to the shooting.

News of the couple’s target practice as well as the money transfers are described as “significant evidence
of premeditation,” and dispute claims that a disagreement at the holiday party sparked the rampage.

Enrique Marquez, the man who bought the two semiautomatic rifles used in the shooting, is currently being investigated. Authorities said the weapons were purchased in California between 2007 and 2012.


The couple rented the SUV used in the shooting two days before the event, on Nov. 30.

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