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In The Club – BBC Drama At Its Best

In The Club aired its first series on BBC One in 2014 to an enthusiastic response. Written by Kay Mellor, it explored the relationship between a group of mums-to-be united through ante natal classes and a blog. It also put a spotlight on their backgrounds and their respective partners.


Jasmin was unsure whether Dev was the father of their baby, Amber. Photo credit: BBC

Among the mums-to-be, a career woman who has left her husband for a younger man and lost the respect of her of her existing children, she’s called Roanna and played by Hermione Norris. Then there’s Rosie, played by Hannah Midgley, she’s only a teenager, still at school and had been hiding her pregnancy from her widowed father. Diane, played by Jill Halfpenny, is already a mother to two adopted children, she’s in her own bubble because of the miracle that she is carrying, twins of her own. Therefore she is blissfully unaware that her husband has lost his job and their finances are non-existent. Jasmin played by Taj Atwal, in the meantime has been rather forced into her marriage with husband, Dev (Sacha Devan) and isn’t 100% sure he’s the father of her baby. Kim, played by Katherine Parkinson is bi-sexual initially in a relationship with Susie (Tara Fitzgerald), she writes a blog which becomes a great outlet for her, as well as her friends. Completing the six is midwife, Vicky, played by Christine Bottomley.

The second series looks in on how their lives have progressed since the birth of all of the expected babies. In episode one, Kim is struggling with finding herself again and still in the throes of regular breastfeeding, Roanna and her partner, Simon are struggling for money. Vicky has been abandoned by her baby’s father while he finds his wife (whom he married to help with a VISA application) so that he can get a divorce. Rosie and Jasmin are both expecting again, Jasmin is having twins this time and there are complications, Rosie has baby number two by the end of the first episode! She gives birth in a lift!


New Characters: Maxine and Shelly (Sandra Huggett and Gemma Dobson) Photo Credit: BBC

We are also introduced to new characters, mother and daughter duo, Maxine, played by Sandra Huggett and her daughter Shelly, played by Gemma Dobson. Shelly is heavily pregnant, a surrogate for a male same sex couple, while her neurotic, brassy mum finds a baby in the toilet while they’re waiting for an ante natal appointment! Their entrance certainly makes an impact.

Which made way for a drama-packed second episode which saw the return of Diane’s husband, Rick (Will Mellor) from prison, a medical tragedy on midwife, Vicky’s watch, and a traumatic procedure to save Jasmin’s twins. While Kim is finding some normality and gentle exercise with Neil (Jonathan Kerrigan), and Roanna’s life is taking a series of interesting turns, all in a short space of time.

I am personally loving the introduction of Maxine and Shelly, particularly as actress Sandra Huggett is playing completely against type, and brilliantly, too. I also think that there is superb continuation given that it has been two years since the previous series aired. Looking forward for the next instalment, next week.


Featured Photo Credit: BBC

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