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PIC BY MICHAEL DAVIES/MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: MARKUS SIIVOLA THROWS HIS THERMOS OF TEA OVER HIS HEAD IN CANADA'S HIGH ARCTIC) This is iced tea with a difference ñ a stunning ice rainbow created when a thermos of hot tea was thrown in the air at minus 35 degrees. Photographer Michael Davies shot this beautiful image of his friend Markus Siivola in the middle of the frozen arc against the sunset on Monday. The pair, who live in the remote fly-in hamlet of Pangnirtung in Canadaís High Arctic, drove 45 minutes to the top of a nearby mountain armed with multiple thermoses to set up the snap. SEE MERCURY COPY

If you throw hot tea in the air at -40°C this happens

Ontario based photographer Michael Davies went out in the -40°C temperatures to get freind, Markus Sivola, to throw hot tea in the air.

The incredible shot took a while to setup.

Telling the Huffington Post he said: ‘I followed the temperature, I watched for calm wind, planned the shot and set it up.


‘Even the sun in the middle of the spray was something I was hoping for.’

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