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If There’s a Child, It’s Bright When It’s Dark – ‘Room’ Review

Every mother says that a child always changes your life forever. Because a child sees life on its bright side, no matter how hard their life is. Therefore, bringing a child up is another reason to keep going; you could tell so to Brie Larson’s character in ‘Room’. If it hadn’t been for her son, her life would have been even more miserable than it actually was. Well, how would you expect life to be if you were doomed to live inside of four walls for the rest of your life?

‘Room’ is based on the novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue, which is based on a real case of a woman who was kept in a room, more or less in the same conditions as Joy (Brie Larson) was. Though you would expect ‘Room’ to be a dark and traumatic tale in which you could see nothing but torture. Surprisingly, it’s just the other way round: it’s a tale of horror seen through the eyes of a pure and innocent child: Jack, Joy’s son, played by Jacob Tremblay.

Credit: Ruth Hurl/Element Pictures // Source: www.btchflcks.com

Credit: Ruth Hurl/Element Pictures // Source: www.btchflcks.com

Of course, there’s a some moments of panicking, but it’s so well-presented that even those who are claustrophobic won’t have any problems at enjoying it. This film proves that those little things in life matter. Survival is not only thinking in how to get out, but also to keep your child entertained and, therefore, happy. Because there’s nothing like seeing a child happy, a vision, that we unfortunately lose when we’re adults, and hardly ever in some cases, comes out again.

Seeing life in its brilliance, even though if it’s seen through a skylight, is the great exercise that Jacob Tremblay has done; it seemed very easy for him. In fact, his role is all about making the most difficult parts of this film easier: spying on how their captor, who is nicknamed as ‘Old Nick’ (Sean Bridgers), comes to “visit” his mum every night, for example. Or introducing us to how life is in the room.

Source: www.stereogum.com

Source: www.stereogum.com

No doubt that ‘Room’ is a film with lots of sensitivity in it. And that’s thanks to Tremblay. Even Brie Larson should have been thankful to him; it’s mainly because of him that she is able to shine in this role, which has been too overvalued by the Academy. We can see that from this perfomance alone, Tremblay will be given awards of all kind some day; who knows what will become of him when he grows up!

Girls who love children will want their child to be like Jack. And those who don’t, will change their minds about little people. Because it’s always amazing to see how children think about life: and at least there’s someone who’s glad that there are microbes in this world!

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