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HSBC fires staff over mock execution video

HSBC have fired six members of staff after a video showing a mock ISIL execution was posted online.The video was made during a team building day organized by the bank, HSBC have described the video as ‘abhorrent’.

The video shows the six men dressed in jumpsuits (five black, one orange), and balaclavas. One man was kneeling on the ground and the others a shouted ‘allahu akbar’ and pretended to behead the man with a coat hanger. It was originally posted to Instagram but was later deleted, but not before the Sun newspaper was able to get screenshots and post the video themselves.

A spokesman for HSBC said “We took the decision to sack the individuals involved,” .


“This is an abhorrent video and HSBC would like to apologise for any offence caused.”

HSBC has recently had to deal with a string of bad publicity, including accusations of helping clients avoid tax, launder money and also fines for attempting to rig foreign exchange markets.

By Fiona Carty

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