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Credit: Kerry Hayes / Distributor: Open Road Films

How To Put The Light On The Spot – ‘Spotlight’ Review

After watching ‘Spotlight’ for the first time, you won’t know what’s worse: either listening to the victims who were sexually abused or the fact of knowing it all and shutting up. This is mainly the problematic story line that this film is handling; resulting in a different way of approaching trauma, which can be sometimes deeply heart-breaking and difficult to portray.

Anyway, don’t panic: ‘Spotlight’ is completely suitable for horror haters, as it’s not a story about sex abuse. Quite the opposite, it tells us how a small team of reporters, from the newspaper ‘The Boston Globe’, manages to unearth a thorny scandal: the sexual abuses to children made by Catholic priests during the 70’s and 80’s. Director Tom McCarthy has definitely found a way to recreate such a complex story into a two-hour thriller, which unfortunately does not thrill very much.

Credit: LMK

Credit: LMK

We’ll be seeing an unrecognisable Mark Ruffalo, portraying an avid and restless journalist working under the orders of a quite relaxed, but professional, Michael Keaton. And at the same time, the team, in which Rachel McAdams is included, works for an impassive new editor: another unrecognisable Liev Schreiber.

Credit: Open Road Films

Credit: Open Road Films

This discreet retelling has been an excellent choice for talking about a scandal of this kind, as it’s an issue that is still sometimes ongoing. Both experiences and the life of a professional journalist are well presented and also well arranged in this plot; although sometimes can result to seem cold and greyish due to its continuous and never-ending process of documentation and that excessive attention to details (the details of the main characters only, of course).

So, if you want to get an approximate idea of how the world of investigation and news works, then this film is a must. In the end, this means that this team, named Spotlight, really lived up to its name, as they perfectly put their project, the Catholic Church in this occasion, on the spot.

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