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How to choose the right University accommodation for you

With an offer in hand, many students look forward to their new lives studying at university. Before all that though, you really need to sort out and confirm your accommodation, especially for those of you who are going overseas.

If your’e struggling with what kind of accommodation best suits you and your needs, then here are some common types that you can choose from:



University halls of residence

Accommodation that is provided by the university is the most common type of student accommodation. It’s usually recommended for first year students, particularly those who are living overseas for the first time. It is a conservative choice to live in the university and sometimes students may feel secure if they live in the university.

The best thing about this is that the accommodation is on campus, and students can have easy access to all university resources. However, the dormitories are generally quite old and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee university accommodation for every offer holder due to the large number of students.


Off-campus private halls of residence/communal blocks

An alternative to university accommodation is to look for a room in a private student halls of residence or communal block. Some students may find university accommodation not comfortable enough and this kind of accommodation may be a better choice for you. Don’t worry though, you will still get to experience the whole student life with your roommates being students too!


Private renting

Many students after their first year prefer this type of accommodation where they can live with their new friends. Or, if you are with your family or desire more space, private accommodation is definitely for you. The rent for private accommodation varies according to location, house condition and the number of rooms. You are able to find house shares all over locally to your university and prices are generally not too bad.

It may be difficult for international students to make these choices in advance as you usually need to view the accommodation first before signing up. Remember to be careful about the contract and keep all relevant documents! Don’t make your life a mess because of unnecessary disputes.


Living at home

Living at home is the easiest and cheapest option. It’s a good choice to minimise your living costs and with this choice you can still enjoy your family life. The trouble of relocating and packing can also be avoided. On the contrary, it’s highly possible that you will lose the opportunities to spend time with your new friends and classmates. Therefore, think carefully before your make the decision as it will affect you life in the whole year.

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