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How to survive once you run out of money this semester

So you’ve had a good few weeks. You’ve been to freshers, had some amazing nights out, and drank… a lot. It’s been great, but now you’ve seen your bank account and you only have a £100 to get you through the month. What are you going to do? It may seem bleak but there are a few simple things that you can do, that will see you spending less but still having fun.

Say No

It’s pretty simple, but can be easy to forget. Sometimes you just have to say no. Yes, having a five course meal at an expensive restaurant seems like a good idea, but it most definitely is not. If you can’s afford it don’t do it. Just say NO.

Buy Supermarket Brands


A lot of supermarket brands are just as good if not better than the branded alternative. Getting the cheaper option is an easy way of saving money, and will often force you to be more creative in the kitchen.

Find A Drink And Stick To It

You may be broke but that doesn’t mean that you can’t drink. Just find something you like and stick with it. A 1litre bottle of Vodka will easily last you the month and will be far cheaper than buying different drink’s each week. Just make sure to be responsible with your alcohol choices.


Remember how I said to find a drink that you like, this is why. Buying alcohol when you’re at a bar or club can be VERY expensive, and when you’re struggling for money it’s just not worth it. Drink before you go out  and you’ll save a fortune.

Leave The Club With Your Friends

As a student you can often get cheap, or even free entry into clubs. With the low entry fees and the money you’ll be saving by not buying drinks, a night out doesn’t have to be expensive. Getting home though can be a problem, if you live too far to walk, or you’ve drank a little bit too much, a taxi may be your only option. Why pay the extortionate fare on your own, catch a cab with your mates and split the fee, you’ll all be better off for it.


Students are known to put on a few extra pounds in the first few months so why not walk it off. It’s cheaper than transport, and it’s good for your health. Walking to the shops can also be a bonus, if you walk you won’t want to buy too much.

Get A Hobby

With all those money worries, and saying No, you probably won’t be going out as much. Use that free time productively. Re-embrassing a hobby or finding a new one can be a brilliant way of utilising your time, and could possibly change the whole of your university experience.

Watch Films

Everyone loves a good film, Use the little bit of food you have to make a snack, pour yourself a cup of tea and tuck yourself in for a night of films. It’s not the cinema, but it’s much better at home anyway. Instead of people coughing and kicking your seat, you get to curl up under a blanket and pause if you need the toilet. Make it a social thing, invite a few friends over, tell them to bring duvets and snacks, and have a fun (and FREE) night in.

Don’t Let It Get You Down

Not having money can make you feel like the odd one out. but you’re not alone. A lot of people are in the exact same situation as you and will probably be grateful that you’re not encouraging them to spend money that they don’t have.


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