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‘How To Be Single’ Review

At last, a wild and crazy film for women! Of course men can watch it too, but it was about time that women were included in those light-hearted, frantic and funny comedies that, very often, are directed at men. ‘How To Be Single’ is a tribute to all those single, independent or lonely-hearted women that promises lots of fun and will invite you to see your freedom from another perspective.

No doubt that the main target of this film is for women to enjoy themselves; that’s why it’s so cheery and carefree, like its true star is, and no, it’s not Dakota Johnson but Rebel Wilson. Her presence couldn’t be more appropriated in this story: the Australian actress plays the role of a shameless, trampy and, literally, happy-go-lucky woman named Robin, who will introduce her friend Alice (Dakota Johnson) into the world of party and freedom.

Credit: www.cineplex.com

Credit: www.cineplex.com

Alice, who has recently broke up with her long-time boyfriend Josh, starts a new life in the heart of New York city alongside her sister Meg (Leslie Mann), who decides to become a single mum and Robin, who becomes her good friend. Even though the message that Alice brings is really good, Johnson has been unsuccessful at playing it. Her happy smile just can’t hide her dullness nor her incompetence to shine.

Nevertheless, the character suits her: it’s as quiet as her, despite of the fact of being next to the great queen of the party. Also, with Wilson in this role, it will be impossible to leave the cinema without laughing your head off; the film’s rude jokes just make you burst into laughing, no matter how decent you consider yourself to be.

Credit: www.filmweb.no

Credit: www.filmweb.no

But, what’s the best of all: ‘How To Be Single’ won’t try to convince you of anything. Whether you want to be alone or in a relationship (or a fling if you prefer), this film won’t defend any position: the only thing important here is you to do what you want, especially if you’re a woman. So watch it if you want to enjoy a some time laughing and listening to some of the best pop music of the moment.

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