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How New York Fashion Week could change the fashion industry forever

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) has partnered with consultation firm Boston Consulting Group to review the NYFW format.

Last week, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff stated that the current fashion show system isn’t working.


She decided that her February show will be more customer-friendly. Her Spring/Summer 2016 collection will be presented instead of the Fall/Holiday one, so that the pieces would be available to buy immediately or after 30/45 days.

According to the designer, if customers have to wait for six months before being able to purchase something they have seen on the runway, eventually the interest in that particular item will vanish. So the solution to get rid of the long wait could actually help both designers and the public.

Now it seems that she is not the only one to think that NYFW needs some changes.

CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg recently spoke about the issue.


‘We have designers, retailers and everybody complaining about the shows. Something’s not right anymore because of social media, people are confused’, she told WWD (Women’s Wear Daily).

Internet makes it easier for customers to see the collections straight from the catwalks and at the same time as the editors, but, as said before, they need to wait for a while before the items will be on the market. This can often be a problem.

According to WWD, it’s possible the CFDA will follow Minkoff’s idea of switching the seasons, bringing the Spring/Summer collections in February and March and the Fall/Winter collections in September and October. Also, a small, private show could be available exclusively for the press and buyers before the big show for the public only.

About the decision of making clothing items available almost immediately, von Furstenberg said: ‘It’s very confusing. Everything needs to be rebooted. We’re making this proposal and people can do whatever they want. I have a feeling people will be showing what’s available closer to what’s in store. I don’t have all the answers, otherwise we wouldn’t be hiring (referring to BCG)’.

What is certain for now is that the CFDA and the BCG are working together to get to know people’s opinion and to evaluate all the pros and the cons that these changes would bring.

The study will begin after the holidays. The upcoming shows in February, however, won’t be affected.

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