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How do I dedicate to my dream?

It isn’t an easy job for people to dedicate time everyday to their dreams. Excuses often fill their head and “Nay Sayers” can leak in. It’s especially scary when your dream relies solely on YOU. Career choices such as writing, playing music, drawing, blogging, being a college student and any other jobs that are solely focused around PERSONAL DEDICATION and your own skill set, are challenging. It is hard to be a success in areas where you hold yourself accountable and no one else pushes you.

We all give credit to successful authors,musicians,writers,artists,students, and any other careers that took years and years with hard work to obtain. Years and years of hyper focused concentration. They saw their dream and continued working on it until they succeeded. We want to harness that ability and love our careers and live our dreams too.

According to ALL the books I have read, the authors all agreed that in order to be successful you must do 3 main things.


1.) Make time to achieve your goals. (Scheduled writing time for me)

2.)Make a space that belongs solely to that goal. (My entire bedroom)

3.) Make time daily to reach the goal. (Even at soccer practice)

Those 3 items are the HARDEST in the world. They seem easy on paper but, when its time to DEDICATE, it becomes much harder.

I have learned that in order to be successful you must:

1.) Show complete and utter dedication to your new dream.

2.) Stay focused by learning how to tune out the world.

3.) Don’t let ANYTHING stop you from working on your goal daily.

Just stating make time to write,play guitar, etc. is too broad.

As a student, we make time to write, the moment a paper is due or the thesis deadline is coming up. This is easier because, someone else created our deadline and we are to make sure that we accomplish that deadline. If we dont reach their deadline, we then face the consequences (whatever they may be.)

What is your consequence, on yourself, if you dont reach your dream? Do you have one? How much does this dream mean to you? Creating our own deadline is really important. It is so difficult because, there is no one to hold you accountable.    Finding your own personal dedication isn’t taught in schools, from parenting, found on FB,twitter, or any other social media.  It lies inside of you but, you need to remain a student, to yourself, to achieve your dream.

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