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Hop To It, Mr. Mayor!

For anyone paying attention to the recent coverage surrounding London’s recent Mayoral election, you probably have a strong inkling as to what job Labour’s Sadiq Khan’s father once did for a living. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he was a bus driver, right? It became a running gag that during his campaign he mentioned his father’s career more than wheels on the bus go round and round. One couldn’t be wrong regarding the subject, Mayor Khan sounded like a broken record on the subject, espousing his committment to the people of London and the red labourious carriage of the people, the red blood cells of a London bus above and the vascular system comprising the Tube below. Sadiq Khan’s vow to cut fares for Londoners arguably ensured the new Mayor’s pass into City Hall. Today, the new Mayor has begun to deliver on that promise.

Three days into the former MP for Tooting’s new job and he has already began to set to work on a new ‘fare’ (sic.) route for passengers. The new fare, dubbed the ‘Hopper’ will be a quick hour long ticket for London’s buses (hence the name: implying swift jumping from here to there), which will be available to passengers from September. The fare will cost £1.50 and involves unlimited bus ‘hopping’ for up to 60 minutes. A ticket expressely designed for the morning and other peak time rushes to and from school and work, for example. Many of these stressful and hectic trips can involve multiple bus routes perhaps, something that can be a real issue when getting around the Capital. Seems like Sadiq has wasted no time adjusting to the non-stop pace of London and her iconic red buses. Remind us, because it seems to keep slipping our minds, what was it your father did again?

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