New NASA Pictures Shine Light On Apollo

Over 10,000 pictures have been posted on Flickr to document the height of the Apollo programme, which saw the US space agency, NASA, send men to the Moon for the first time in human history.

8 Lives Claimed in Paris Fire

8 people, including 2 children, have died and 4 have been left in critical condition following a fire in an apartment building in Paris. 

Shooting at Savannah University Campus

Savannah University was on lockdown last night after a man was shot on campus. According to reports, a fight broke out between two men outside the student union before shots were fired.

Tianjin port president detained after explosion

Chinese authorities have detained the president of Tianjin Port along with nine other officials who are deemed responsible for the explosion at a chemical warehouse that has killed at least 139 people earlier this month.

Rare and endangered leopard cubs born in UK zoo

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park has welcomed new arrivals in the form of new Amur Leopard cubs earlier this year. The big cats are amongst the most endangered in the world, with only 70 of them left in the wild.

IS destroy ancient Palmyra temple

Islamic State have continued on their path of destruction and devastation and have obliterated an ancient temple, the Baal Shamin in the Semitic city of Palmyra in war-torn Syria.

Premier League – 5 things we learnt this weekend

Jack Butland

It was another fantastic weekend in the Barclays Premier League and it’s not over yet as we can look forward to Arsenal and Liverpool doing battle in the Monday night war, but here’s five things we did learn from the weekend’s fixtures.

Great Fall of China

The Asian-Pacific Stock Market suffered its worst day in eight years in what experts are calling ‘Black Monday’, with comparisons being made to the stock market crash in 1987.

2015 the warmest year ever?

2015 will almost certainly be the hottest year ever recorded, this finding comes after July was found to be the warmest month on record. Last month the average global temperature across both land and ocean surfaces reached 16.61C/61.86F, which is 0.81C higher than the months 20th century average, according to scientists. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have said – ...

Health concerns for workaholics

Working long hours toiling away at the desk may increase productivity but could also have an adverse effect on an individual’s health. Results from a major new study have revealed that those that put in more hours run an increased risk of developing a stroke and coronary heart disease.

Too much choice makes no choice

source:pinterest The Rise of Dating-App Fatigue Services like Tinder and Hinge are no longer shiny new toys, and some users are starting to find them more frustrating than fun. Single people have the choice to find love thanks to these online dating applications and websites. Variety, diversity but also flexibility should make it easy to find your one. However, polls ...

Battlefield 1

Few games have got me and many others as excited as the new game in the Battlefield group have. Battlefield 1 is the new game, and doing something completely original which games recently haven’t done.  Image from Youtube At a time when Call of Duty is starting to stagnate, with the latest idea setting the game in space, and having yet ...

What is there to love about the Autumn season?

On the face of it Autumn is a melancholy time of year. Cooling of temperature and shortening of days signal that progression into cold, dreary winter months lurks just around the corner. However, there is much we can enjoy about this mysterious season. It is a time of transition that is vital to the cycle of nature and the world. Beginning with ...

5 Things Book Lovers Can Relate To

For the completely uninterested, books are just pieces of paper bound together. Sometimes these books have lovely covers and he/she can at least appreciate it. Then, there’s the die-hard book lover who would cry buckets of tears if someone told them they could never read a book again. Or worse: their entire book collection disappears without a trace. Book lovers, ...

Halloween, Mexican Style: Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is a Mexican national celebration that falls in the same time period as Halloween. With it’s ubiquitous sugar skulls and floral headdresses, Dia de los Muertos is recognised worldwide, but what exactly is it?

5 Shakespearean Quotes…In 5 Non-Shakespearean Films

Now it’s over four hundred years since Shakespeare passed away. However, as it always happens with the greatest genius, he seems to be still alive; now more than ever. Because his work is still in everything: from our expressions to the most fabulous piece of art. It’s so deep in our roots that we still see some of his work without ...

10 Films That Every Fiercely Independent Woman Should Watch

Quite often, all women who get what they want, have an amazing story to tell. That’s why cinema has brought to us some of the most inspirational stories for those who feel lost and lonely. And don’t deny it, everyone falls in love with a great female protagonist; it doesn’t matter how she looks nor her abilities, as long as she’s ...

Set The Boy Free

It’s been 29 years since British band The Smiths split up and a lot has happened since singer Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr parted ways. Not only has Johnny Marr played for various British bands including Indie Punk band The Cribs, he is just about to release his memoirs entitled ‘Set The Boy Free’. Today, The Guardian paper delivered a ...

8 Of The Best Film Parodies You’ll Ever Watch

If there was no cinema, there would probably be no cartoons. It’s a logical thought: the majority of what we see in animated features (regardless if they’re for children or not) has an inspirational source in most of well-know cinema classics…and therefore, it’s always nice to enjoy their essence in another atmosphere, even if it’s all about mocking them. With ...

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