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Holiday houses: Which style will you choose?

Decorating season is in full swing. We have the ladders, hammers, nails, decorations, lights,extension cords, and plugs all ready for the big unveiling of our homes. It’s that time of year again, to truly show your personality through the outside decorating of your yard. Will you be elegant and fancy, fun and creative, tacky or lazy?

Every year we drive around and stare at the houses. Some homes have no decorations at all. Some have just a few, strung up on a tree, as tall as the person standing on the ground can reach. Some have lights thrown over the bushes (This is the lazy mans way of appeasing his wife!)  Some go crazy and the entire yard is Santa’s workshop.

We call this first home “Fancy Family.” It is a very simple decoration with a calming feel. This house says, “Christmas lights are too tacky for us.”  They showered the house with 13 wreaths, an antique sled and beautiful framing with wintergreen around the door.

outdoor christmas lights on homes

Simplicity with Star Shower laser lights. These new lights truly make decorating easier. You can toss the ladder,hammer and nails away with this new technology.  String up a few strands of lights, grab a few light up decorations, and your house will quickly look ready for Santa.

outdoor christmas lights on homes

Have a little more time and money to spend? These inflatables and standing light decorations can quickly turn your yard into an outdoor play zone. Do your kids love the minions, Rudolph, or Elsa? Surprise them with decorations their size. Throw a few strands of star lights up and–poof!– “walking in a winter wonderland!”

outdoor christmas lights on homes

Virtual Reality Video Kits are an amazing investment. They look terrific as you drive by, children will be shocked to see Santa walking back and forth in the window and with one purchase your house is the coolest on the block. Add a strand of lights and done!

outdoor christmas lights on homes

Go crazy with strands of lights! Wrapping every bush and tree that is reachable in the yard gives a fantastic festive feel.  A tree that is wrapped with light strands half way up its trunk isn’t very festive. Outline the smaller trees from top to bottom. Throw in a few Frosty the snowmen and you have outdone yourself!

outdoor christmas lights on homes

Want to decorate for the people in planes to see? Start your Christmas decorating budget for next year NOW! This home has years and years of collected items. The bigger, the better.

outdoor christmas lights on homes

outdoor christmas lights on homes

Decorating your home is a time of creativity and challenge. It can be frustrating or immensely fun. Enjoy the holidays while you find your inner child to decorate and remember,  “Have a happy holiday!”

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