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Hillary vs the Donald: A Battle of Image

Upon hearing the Democratic nomination for the US Presidential race, Hillary Clinton, had reportedly enlisted the help of Anna Wintour in styling her campaign image, it begged the question: does Republican candidate Donald Trump have the same problem when he looks in the mirror and asks, who is the fairest of them all?

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There’s no denying that sexism is everywhere. It’s rife in the workplace, people’s daily lives and it’s evidently rife in politics. The 2016 US Presidential race is highlighting that more than any event we’ve witnessed in recent times. ‘What will Hillary wear?’ was one of the highest searched questions on Google Thursday night last. Hillary was due on stage to make the final speech of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia; dubbed the speech of her life.


Mrs Clinton may be somewhat simpler to dress than others but we all must ask ourselves, why does the former First Lady stand on a podium in line for the oval office, only to be scrutinised and justified as a Representative for the garments she chooses? Societal opinion and those justifications aside, she now has the task of projecting an image which will potentially deem her elected this November. Styling celebrities and public figures is a whole different task than that of styling a politician. Everything is boiled down, from their choice of words to their body language. Though an obvious assumption, as we’ve seen from the political career of Michelle Obama, there is a relevant backroom team in the White House on-hand to decorate each public appearance of those in office. The Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine, Anna Wintour, has been the centre of the fashion industry’s eye for far beyond the 30 years she’s been in her New York office. Anna has been a long-time fundraiser and supporter for Hillary. She’s worn campaign merchandise in public and on TV shows, speaking out when equality needed a voice. Now, Ms Wintour is moulding the potential first female president’s image, to conquer the associated view of women in the public eye. Business of Fashion reported that Anna had been approaching various profiled designers, Clinton’s team funding the apparel themselves, in the likely hope they’ll dress her in a powerful bright trousers suit Hillary has shown as her signature style. Both parties have declined to comment on the statement.

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Credit: Mirror UK

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Credit: Vogue UK














Make America Great Again? He should start by making stuff in America again!

All through her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton has worn the colours of the American flag and being a fierce advocate for patriotism, it was rightly assumed Hillary Clinton would wear an ensemble designed in her home country when she accepted her nomination while Donald Trump’s clothing has continued to be manufactured in China. Has a man so powerful been mentioned in the media once for how his image relates to his worthiness of President? On The Graham Norton Show last season, actor Charlie Sheen recalled an encounter he had with Mr Trump while out one evening. Trump proceeded to gift Charlie an early present for his wedding and offered him the cuff-links off his shirt there and then, stating they were ”platinum diamond”. When Sheen took them to an appraiser, they turned out to be cheap pewter knock-offs, simply stamped with the Trump logo. Trump has yet to comment about the matter.

Donald Trump, like most men, won’t be scanned by the eye for what he wears or where it comes from but the task of becoming President for Hillary Clinton will encompass all that it takes to be an acceptable female candidate in today’s society. Her image being at the forefront.


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