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Hillary Clinton relents, agrees to hand over email server to FBI

Hillary Clinton has finally relented, and agreed to hand over the private email server that she used – as secretary of state – to the FBI.

Mrs Clinton has received a large amount of criticism for continuing to use her private email as she runs for president. Many deem her set-up to be insecure, and against government policy, with many also believing that her actions allowed her to shield her communications from oversight.

Mrs Clinton, up until this point, had failed to hand over the server, although she had handed over thousands of pages worth of emails to the state department. The FBI – having now received the server – are now investigating information to see if any classified document were sent or stored via the server. Her Lawyers will also hand over memory sticks containing further copies of her emails.


Mrs Clinton’s email use has had a massive impact on her presidential race, with many voters deeming her untrustworthy due to her private email use. US federal law states that officials’ correspondence is considered to be US government property. In the past top officials have chosen to use personal accounts, but by a large government employees are encouraged to use government email accounts.

In March, Mrs Clinton explained that she, along with her lawyers had decided what emails would be deemed work related and went on to delete approximately half of her 60,000 emails – which she sent during her time in office – that they believed to be personal.

The state department have been releasing batches of the documents publicly once a month since Mrs Clinton handed them over. However the state department – on Tuesday – said that a portion of documents would not be released because retroactively some of the documents were deemed to be “top secret”.

Giving his opinion on Mrs Clinton’s decision, Senior Republican Reince Priebus said that he believed that in the face of scrutiny Mrs Clinton had “run out of options” further stating “She knows she did something wrong and has run out of ways to cover it up.”

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